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SANIPOR® Advantages in the Petrochemical Industry are:
Long track record in the oil industry:                       
Esso, BP, ELF, OMV, MOL, Aral, - Gas Stations           
Exxon, MOL, OMV, Enichema, Huntsman,LB, Sabic - Plants      


Mock pipe for demonstration 
The SANIPOR® technology can be carried out in all types of gravity fed pipes within petrochemical plants.

The inorganic silicate grout system has multiple favorable properties: 

  •  No spark danger, no burning danger, no explosion danger       
  •  Inert against gasoline, oil, petroleum products and organic solvents               
  •  Emulsifies oil                    
  •  In situ encapsulation of contaminations in the ground ("vitrification")          
  •  Stops infiltration of groundwater and overcharge of own treatment plant   
  •  Stops exfiltration and pollution of the soil and groundwater        

Our services for you are:   

  • Presentations of the technology and support during your considerations                           
  • Pilot project calculation and planning               
  • Joint organization of the pilot project
  • Supply of the original SANIPOR® components made in the USA               
  • Supervision and guidance of the pilot project            
  • Teaching and training of personnel
  • The SANIPOR® Service Team will remain available for support and exchange of results


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